"Mommy's Sippy" Striped Floral Wine Glass

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The "mommy's Sippy" striped floral wine glass from Klink n' drink is distinctively painted to reflect its title. The 18-oz wine glass make a great gift for anyone, wine lover or not. This popular shape for wine glasses is appropriate for either red or white wine. Its oversized 18-oz bowl allows ample space for wine to breathe, allowing the full potential of your cabernet, shiraz, merlot, chardonnay, Riesling or zinfandel to unfold. Don't like wine? fill 'er up with your favorite juice or cocktail, even candy if you so choose. The individuality of each glass's theme makes them suitable for whomever comes to mind when you see them. It comes beautifully packaged in a decorated gift box making the perfect gift. At Klink n drink we make what we love and we love what we make.


Striped floral wine glass with "Mommy's Sippy" on the front, and rose on the bottom of the stem. Holds 18 fluid ounces. Hand wash recommended.
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"Mommy's Sippy" Striped Floral Wine Glass.

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